Counseling and Student Services



The Counseling and Student Services Division (C&SS) provides comprehensive academic, career, and personal/social support for all students to maximize student potential and academic achievement. In partnership with educators and families, the C&SS Division is committed to the learning needs of all students so that they may complete the rigorous, college preparatory curriculum that Bishop High offers. Each year, students are provided personal attention and guidance in working toward university admission.



Bishop students, educated in Catholic values with service as a primary tenant, will engage in rigorous academics and personal reflection. Students will make use of their knowledge and self awareness to positively impact circumstances for individuals, the community and the natural environment.


Within the context of Bishop's core values of Respect, Perseverance and Compassion, each year, students will engage in activities aimed to assist with reflection on personal values, interests, strengths and areas of growth.


  • Annually, students will develop and successfully make progress toward a personally rigorous academic plan that includes post-secondary training.
  • Each year, students will reflect on their unique role in service to the community.
  • By the end of 10th grade, students will demonstrate self-awareness with regard to personal and academic learning challenges; equipped for self-advocacy in their endeavor to engage in post-secondary education and career.
  • By fall of 12th grade, students will demonstrate knowledge of post-secondary educational options and how to finance them within the context of personal/familial need.